About Us

General Overview

Shalom International Corporation is proud to introduce its' latest & most innovative development for its' new corporate B2B e-commerce site; leading the way on how wholesale companies are going to promote & sell their products and brands to their retail clients/ buyers (see "website functions" on the bottom of the page).

Shalom Int. Corp. is a full-service importer based out of New York City, New York. For over 50 years (founded in 1961), it has offered its' customers fashionable, quality products at the most competitive prices. The company has a full in-house development and design staff, with extensive overseas sourcing experience, that are constantly updating its thousands of private label products, portfolio of licensed goods, and a variety of in-stock merchandise. With a 100,000 sq. foot warehouse in Dayton, New Jersey, the company has the infrastructure to supply both small chains and specialty retailers, mass-market chains, department stores, off price and discounters; and is trusted by many of the Fortune 500 retailers around the world. In the last 20 years, the current owners have guided the company to a significant growth in diverse product categories, and ever increasing sales. It currently consists of the following divisions– Infant Specialty Company (ISC), Hair Accessories, Jewelry (Instinct), General Merchandise (Colorifics), Beauty Implements, Health & Beauty Aids, Socks & Hosiery; becoming the one-stop-shop for retailers in the fashion accessory industry.

Infant Specialty Company

Welcome to the Infant Specialty Company showcase! We have an extensive and exciting group of innovative children’s accessories from head to toe. Our menu of products range from; shoes, socks, booties, and hats, to a complete line of assorted hair accessories for both infants and toddlers. This year we are proud to introduce our Elly and Emmy line of products to complement our nationally recognized “So ‘Dorable” brand. We also feature a complete assortment of beautiful items in our “Little Me” line, designed primarily for the upscale market. Our strategic objective is to provide all of our guests with a complete array of value oriented products in each of these categories to meet all of their needs and expectations. Be assured that every item is tested extensively to surpass all US safety protocols. Our commitment to YOU, the customer is second to none.

Hair Accessories

Hair is an extremely hot category! With the varying fashion trends, we implement style & functionality with the latest hair trends to keep abreast of our competition. Our designers travel worldwide to source new trend ideas to create fashion forward and innovative products. We infuse that knowledge into our hair accessories, thus pushing the envelope and creating new & exciting packaging concepts.

Fashion Jewelry

The Instinct division at SI Corp is fashion jewelry at its very best! We combine seasoned fashion merchants that bring years of experience to the company as well as young, hip designers. We are experts at designing, sourcing, and merchandising specifically for each customer’s needs. Our vision; collaboration with retailers and relationships with factories all over the world to ensure the right product, at the right price, at the right time!


A full-service department offering its retail customers a great selection of products from our private label collection and growing list of licensed brand product. We develop private-label and specialty products for our clients, using our experienced design team. We are more than capable of producing unique items from a variety of fabrics & textures, playing off of the latest trend! We also offer the following styles: Men/Women Athletic Footwear (Ankle/Crew/Quarter/Tube), Men’s Dress & Dress Casual, Women’s Tights/Leggings/Knee-Highs, Toe-Socks, Cozy Socks, and Licensed Baby Booties.

General Merchandise

Our main focus are on two things: having a variety of assorted products and developing fresh, new innovative ideas for specialty orders that are competitively priced. We source the market and provide our customers with an array of fashionable goods. The mainstay categories are: Gift Bags, Decorative Bows & Curlies, Tissue Paper, Fashion Umbrellas, and Jewelry Stands & Organizers. Our specialty development areas include; Eco & Canvas Totes, Fashion Bags, such as Duffels, a variety of Melamine products, which include Ice-Pop Trays & Baskets, assorted PVC items, Sunglass & Eye Glass Cases, Stationary, Trendy Erasers, Pens, and Seasonal Treat Bags.

Website Functions

By discovering and validating many years of the wholesale/ retail business and technical requirements and parameters; obtaining input from subject-matter experts; examining and recommending changes to current business practices; we have developed the following system (not limited to):

  • Home Page Navigation- featuring the companies’ several divisions/ product categories. Each division has its own sorting & navigational page, where customers can search & select products within that product category (allowing buyers to focus on the product category that they buy). All products, within each of the divisions, can be bought through the same site (if an owner of a store/ buyer is looking to buy multiple products sets).
  • Buy by the Case Pack- customers can purchase any quantity of case packs, but not individual units.
  • Tiered Pricing- discounted pricing based on the quantity of case packs the customer is willing to buy (each style has at least 5 different price variations).
  • “Close Out” Page- a separate tab in the home navigation, where customers can get the best deals on inventory we are looking to get rid of (based on higher quantity the customer has to buy).
  • Up to Date Inventory/ Inventory Management- using the Magento API and our inventory systems backend to send 2 way communications to & from the website; by automating (set at every half hour) updated available to sell inventory from our system to the Magento site, along with removing inventory from our system once a product is purchased on the site. Once a style is sold out, the product will automatically be removed/ disappear from the site; as soon as it is comes back in to stock, it will reappear as well.
  • Transferring Orders to Our Current System- once a customer places an order on the site, it gets transferred to our systems backend, and the order is shipped & handled just as our everyday operation.
  • Attribute Sets- determining different sets of key information/ details that correspond to each of the company’s’ products and divisions.
  • Importing Products- connecting the data/ product information that is already listed on our current system & transferring the selected information to our site (using the products UPC #).
  • Ticketing System- customers can submit comments, questions, concerns, etc. on the individual product page (if related to the product itself) or the “contact us” page (for general comments) and it will be sent to the appropriate department/ personal right away; we assign a task manager/ sales representative to handle/ process each and every account. A salesperson will respond to the customer via email, phone, etc. and will use the task management system to monitor the status of the customer’s order/ request (open, processing, complete, etc.).
  • Point System- accumulate points (1 point for every dollar spent) to retrive certain rewards such as free shipping all month, 30% off site wide and early access to new arrivals
  • Shipping Window- customers can select where & when they would like there order to go/ go out; the earliest ship date is the current date with a minimum cancel date (last day they would be willing to accept the shipment) of 10 days.
  • Automated Tracking #- once the order is shipped our system will automatically retrieve the tracking # and sent it out to the customer.
  • Customer Groups- a website admin can provide special privileges for certain customer groups; such as (not limited to) requirements to checkout, free shipping, selected products that they can/ can’t see (restricting licensed products from customers that are restricted to buy), minimum order quantities, etc.
  • Preferable Payment Terms- once we have a track record of several on time payments from a customer we can enable their account to check out without having to pay upfront and to have preferable payment terms.
  • Discounts- discounts can be applied for set customers groups, individual accounts, certain product categories, etc. If you have a long standing deal where you purchase a product for a certain price, and it is higher on the site, we can have that price change specifically to your account (where you will be the only customer to see that price).
  • Site Restrictions- by default, all users will be blocked from seeing the products from each of the division’s homepage. They will only be able to see the company’s homepage. Once they signup and are approved