Hair Accessories

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Style # 322520KL
Inventory: 720

3pc Fashion Bows on Metal Salon Clips

Style # 323059KL
Inventory: 3536

1pc Large Satin Bow Salon Clip

Style # 323069KL
Inventory: 396

2pc Bow Salon Clips with Hearts

Style # 323080KL
Inventory: 4464

4pc Small Bow Salon Clips

Style # 323083KL
Inventory: 1038

3pc Small Bow Salon Clips with Glitter

Style # 46417KL
Inventory: 228

6pc Salon Clips with AB Sequin Flower

Style # 18385KL
Inventory: 8404

2pc Large Claw Clips

Style # 341800KL
Inventory: 372

3pc Claw Clips

Style # 48920KL
Inventory: 4080

2pc Shimmer Clips

Style # 49961KL
Inventory: 4248

2pc Large Clips

10 Item(s)

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